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In its content the present Internet site was designed and set up by the Syndicat Intercommunal du Massif des Aravis (SIMA). The Talentueux company transcribed it technically onto Internet in its present form. These data were published on Internet as of 10th September 2003.

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Certain rubrics on the site contain information from the Sitra (Rhône-Alpes Tourist Information System) data base.

The photos were taken by :

-Aravis/Pascal Lebeau
- Aravis/Françoise Cavazzana
- Aravis/David Machet
- Aravis/Sylvie Plouchard
- Aravis/Sylvie Chappaz
- Aravis/Laurent Ferrand
- Aravis/Jean Marc Favre
- Christophe Brunet
- Eloise Franck
- OT Aix les Bains/Gilles Lansard
- Savoie Mont Blanc/ Rousson
- Savoie Mont Blanc/Raith
- Savoie Mont Blanc/Olkowicz
- Agence ZOOM
- Eric Lebras
- Ot/le Grand Bornand - David Bouchet
- Ot/le Grand Bornand - Gilles Piel
- OT/La Clusaz - Greg Dieu

Legal Notes
The responsibility of SIMA cannot be engaged even in the case of error or omission in the data transcribed onto this Internet site, whatever they may be.
In accordance with the terms of French law, the data contained on this  Internet site constitute
an intellectual property (notably under law N° 92-157 of July 1st 1992). As such the rights of exploitation, even partial, of this property are held by SIMA.
These exploitation rights include notably to reproduction, representation and adaptation of everything on this Internet site : texts, photos, drawings, logos, soundtracks, video sequences etc...
All reproduction, even partial, in any present form (burning, photos, reprographic or electronic paper, micro reproduction, albums, postcards, models, posters, and other processes, notably audio-visual etc... ) or in some future form is strictly forbidden without the express prior consent of SIMA.
All adaptations of any nature of all or part of the work, notably to give form or ornament to any object or service is forbidden without the express prior consent of SIMA.
In case of non-compliance with these regulations, French legal authorities will be the only competent ones and French law the only one applicable